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CyberNetics eLearning Suite can be used

  1. Businesses - Industries - Companies
  2. Educational Institutions - Government Organizations

Implement our eLearning solutions

  1. eLearning
  2. Marketing
  3. Media Events
  1. Training Courseware
  2. Corporate Presentations
  3. Performance Management
  1. Tests
  2. Sales Training
  3. Human Resources

eLearning Enterprise Suite is a full featuredrich interactive eLearning, Training and Product launch platform for creating, managing, delivering with measurable results. Bring the power of digital age cost-effectively with high-impact and engaging rich-media delivered anytime, to any electronic widget.

  • Deliver rich interactive media by creating a virtual session bringing in users from around the world for Courses, Presentations, Media launches, etc., using wizards and even conduct Online Exams.
  • Interactively Collaborate using chat, whiteboard, Audio, Video live sessions and conduct Webinars too. Collaboration tools coming in Version 1.5.
  • Minimize costs and raise productivity by addressing different types of learning styles, skill levels and time constraint save on travel expenditure.
  • CyberNetics’ eLearning solution is offered as a SAAS (Software As A Service)

OnLine Exam

Create – Manage – Deliver – Measure

On Time – Online – In Budget

Without Boundaries

CyberNetics Online Exam Suite is a full featured On Line Exam and Certification Solution for creating, managing, delivering with measurable results. It enables customers to align, develop, manage, and reward their people within formal and informal processes in a unified measurable solution with rich interactive media delivered anytime anywhere.

CyberNetics Online Exam Suite can be used in

Businesses     Industries    Educational Institutions    Government Organizations

  • Offer State of the Art Online Examination and Certification
  • Grow as the needs grow without any need for upgrades
  • It helps minimize costs, raise productivity and even saves time.
  • Enhance Students, Staff and Technicians knowledge through Certification exams
  • Certification / Public Exams
  • Deliver Rich Interactive Tests using wizards.
  • Powerful Performance Reporting and Analysis tools

eCyber Collaboration

CyberNetics Collaboration tools can be used among co-workers, partners and customers all around the world for eLearning, training, webinar and product launch. Some of its collaboration tools provide instant messaging like

Multilingual Web Forms

CyberNetics ‘powerful Multilingual Web Forms Application makes it easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to create any type of web form application including surveys, registrations, order forms and contact forms. No Need of coding skills required!

Want to get data in your language but still want to type in English Yes you can do it without problem. So why wait get going.


CyberNetics Setu is a Multilingual Solution with Transliteration and Translation built into it. Setu is designed for Government and Agencies running Setu Centers for issuing Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses to Citizens. It empowers Citizens to create Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses and later process and track the delivery of them online.

A total of 100 Plus different types of Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses can be issued through this application. A Single Window / One Stop Solution for Citizens to get a Certificate, Affidavit or a License can be accomplished through this desktop or through Web Application.

MIS Module for District Collector is part of this web site.

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