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CyberNetics offers a vast range of services to accomplish Software / Portal Development for businesses of all sizes. Applications evolve and computers, mobiles, iPods and other similar gadgets have become part of a 'network community' and suddenly they are doing a whole lot more. Business demands have changed along with the application environment.

Application vendors talk about collaborative processing and workflow analysis and suddenly 'shrink wrapped' isn't so simple anymore. We understand workgroup computing and how to create application environments to address business needs. Whether the need is as simple as incorporating all of the applications within a single environment or as comprehensive as studying business workflow and implementing the appropriate application environment, our solutions can help.

We will re-engineer the underlying network design, if needed, or overlay a client/server design within your existing network. We have custom applications that might suit you so check out them if not we will be glad to develop one.

Our time tested method ensures that the application we develop will evolve along with the customer's business model. Identifying an appropriate software development model is the first step for any project; the model is based on the project's requirements in terms of schedule, delivery, quality etc. Our development procedures are designed to maximize benefits and reduce the risks that are inherent in any development project.

A clear communication and escalation plan is defined for each project. We at CyberNetics International personally communicate the project status to the customer on a regular basis. Feedback loops are established to consider, track and action/answer feedback received.

CyberNetics will undertake on-shore or off-shore project development. a SAAS centric portal by CyberNetics will help organizations accomplish goals efficiently and effectively. CyberNetics has the experience + expertise to assist.

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