CyberNetics Setu is a Multilingual Solution with Transliteration and Translation built into it. Setu is designed for Government and Agencies running Setu Centers for issuing Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses to Citizens. It empowers Citizens to create Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses and later process and track the delivery of them online.

A total of 100 Plus different types of Certificates, Affidavits and Licenses can be issued through this application. A Single Window / One Stop Solution for Citizens to get a Certificate, Affidavit or a License can be accomplished through this desktop or through Web Application.

MIS Module for District Collector is part of this web site.


CNIPSetu is a Multilingual Solution designed for Government and Agencies running Setu Centers for issuing Certificates to Citizens. Total of 100 different types of certificates and affidavits can be issued through this application.

MIS Module for District Collector is part of this web site. District Collector can find number of certificates issued, money collected based on a single certificate to multiple certificates. This can be done for a single or multiple Setu Centers.


  • Companies
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Companies
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutions

Setting up an Online Educational Institute Process:

  • Course creation
    • Create Categories and Certificates.
    • Add created certificate to one or more categories.
    • Create Course, Subjects, Electives if any, Chapters and Pages using wizard.
    • Online students can find courses based on Category.
  • Creation of Batches for the Course
    • Batch can be created in two ways Course-wise or Subject-wise
      • Course wise: Course starts and ends by the start and end dates. This type is compatible to Indian, American and other worldwide educational institutions.
      • Subject wise: Course starts and ends by the start and end date but every registered subject has its own start and end date which is within the batch dates. This type is compatible to American Universities.
    • Course Access: Payment, Authorized and Free
    • Batch type: Student tracking and non-tracking.
    • Number of Students: Fixed and Unlimited
    • Dates: Registration, Late and penalty
    • Faculty is assigned to each subject based on their expertise.
    • Registration Starts with optional late registration
    • Students can register online / offline to a batch.
      • Batch starts with content enabled
  • Faculty
    • Apart from using global content faculty can also add self-content pages.
    • View profiles of the students.
    • Interact with students using chat, whiteboard, audio & video and participate in forum.
    • Interaction is possible with one, multiple or all students.
    • Assignments can be created and assigned to students.
    • Faculty can create a new template or use global templates for the tests.
    • Four different types of testing pattern available to faculty Random, Basic, Advance and Manual.
    • Glossary and FAQ are part of every subject.
  • Student
    • Student’s login info is tracked.
    • Individual dashboard
    • Registered courses are listed in dashboard for easy access.
    • Students can view full content if allowed else displayed date-wise or on by completing the prerequisites.
    • User page-wise access is tracked.
    • Individualized Interaction with the faculty is possible (assignments, chat, whiteboard, audio and video).
    • Students can post and get answers in FAQ.
    • Glossary can be used and content in it can be added by students for reference.
  • Assignments and Online Tests
    • Assignments, chat, whiteboard sessions, forum activity are maintained.
    • Online and offline Assignment are possible.
    • Testing pattern Random, Basic, Advance and Manual are available.
    • Online Tests assigned to students are tracked and graded.
    • Faculty created online practice tests are tracked.
    • Practice Tests can be created and taken by the students as and when they wish.
  • Performance
    • Faculty, management and parents can check the performance of the student from going through content, assignments, assessment results and also from interactive sessions.
    • Students once they complete the learning, assignments and tests they will be evaluated.
      • For example a student goes through a couple of chapters in a subject and completes all the assignments, interactions and takes a test which has for example 10 questions in it.
      • Student gets 6 Correct and 4 Wrong
    • Faculty can find why this user has not done well in 4 questions by selecting the wrong question which gives the student’s activity based on the question. It includes content, assignments status, and how many sessions he has put in interactive sessions related to the question.
    • Based on these findings faculty can spend extra effort to teach, reassign assignments, and also can use other means of interaction to improve user performance.
    • Faculty can setup One-On-One interactive session if desired.
    • Even faculty can create and use Web Conferencing session One-On-One.
    • This way all students can accomplish the course successfully with merit.
    • Certificates can be issued to individual students after completion of the course.


  • Companies
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Companies
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutions

CyberNetics empowers you to create, manage, communicate and track the delivery of all forms of content to students, employees, customers and partners faster and more effectively. It provides you with the tools essential to reduce training-related expenditures while increasing productivity and performance.

All our solutions incorporate rich interactive media, assignments and assessments, forums, chat, whiteboard, screen casting, audio and video making eLearning process smooth with measurable results. Using reporting tools one can be assessed and analyzed systematically.

CyberNetics eLearning Enterprise Suite can be used in

  • Educational Institutions
  • Business
  • Industries
  • Government Organizations

Well, almost everyone, including professionals, associations, organizations, schools, colleges, universities, business and factories. Some use eLearning Enterprise Suite to

  • Author Content, Assessments and Tests
  • Upload Video presentations from conferences and seminars
  • Online Web Conferencing
  • Live Screen Casting

We view eLearning Enterprise Suite as a collection of tools for content creation and organization, publishing, user management and communication. How these tools are used is up to you, but they're all available to you.

  • We offer our solutions based on a SAAS (Software As A Service)
  • Optionally we can develop and deploy your course content with course details
  • No additional hardware or software to license
  • No downloads or software to install
  • Technical knowledge is not necessary
  • Easy to use web-based application
  • Role based Secured
  • Available from anywhere - 24 X 7
  • Powerful. Robust. Secure.
  • Tailored delivery - Select only the solutions (modules) you need
  • White-Labeled - Build your Brand. Customize the solution to get the feel and look if your web

Look at some of our solutions which can help you in the following areas.

  • Educational Institutions
  • Business Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Organization Acquisition
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Tutoring Students
  • OnLine Exam
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