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Many organizations are looking for online digitally delivered training to save travel costs and instructional time, Training in both synchronous and asynchronous formats is increasingly supplementing or even replacing face-to-face training.

CyberNetics eLearning Suite empowers organizations to create, manage communicate and track the delivery of all forms of learning content to employees, partners and customers. It enables companies especially which are diversified geographically to take online training sessions and fully participate in discussions, sharing information, and “raise their hands” in real time using Web-based tools without travelling anywhere.

Implementing in Companies, Organizations, Financial Institutions, Factories, Hospitals, etc. will benefit tremendously by improving the knowledge of the leaner and also it reduces training-related expenditures while increasing productivity and business performance.

Sales and marketing, manufacturing and production staff, clients, resellers, new recruits and other staff can receive training before going live with any product or services which helps them to master it.

  • Offer online interactive & collaborative eLearning regardless of the geographic distance of users.
  • Support informal collaboration and social interaction among users.
  • Drive improved results by exploring with Rich Interactive Media.
  • Enable faculty to focus on teaching not technology for effective training delivery.
  • Train educators to use data driven analysis to identify and support users who are slow.
  • Accommodate live lecturers to users from different parts of the worldwide.
  • Offer a blended curriculum to users.
  • Make training more accessible and flexible to fit busy schedules.
  • Increase the completion rate for multipart courses by providing training in plans.
  • Make training more accessible and flexible.
  • Allow users to easily catch up on coursework from classes missed, or re-play lectures or discussions with no extra effort by the faculty.
  • Reduced administration time and costs associated with it.
  • Reduced out-of-pocket expenses, including teleconferencing and conference space for live instruction.
  • Deliver, conduct, manage and evaluate students successfully.

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