Organization Acquisition

Any rapidly growing organization with hundreds and thousands of employees through numerous acquisitions initially relies on a decentralized organizational structure to keep staff close to customers and support an aggressive, sales and service oriented culture. To maintain this strong customer focus in the face of such rapid growth, it has to find new ways to disseminate knowledge across the organization as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Need to bring employees in newly acquired company up to speed quickly on products and services to maintain sales momentum, respond to a rapidly changing marketplace, and ensure consistent knowledge, culture, and best practices across units.
  • Quickly and efficiently ensure that its’ employees are in compliance with regulations, in order to reduce risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with managing learning across a decentralized, geographically disperse area, and eliminate inconsistent processes and procedures within individual branches and units. CyberNetics believes that getting the organization to adopt eLearning would contribute significantly to these goals.

CyberNetics eLearning Suite has the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver eLearning to large employees following the company’s rapid expansion. By using it, company will be able to adopt one system to develop, acquire, deliver, test and administer across all the lines of the business affiliate organizations.

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