Tutoring Students

Offer online tutoring to students over the Net. Enhance every student’s performance by tracking and analyzing their activity. Create your own virtual institution, classrooms, and batches students, courses, subjects, chapters, pages, assignments, and tests. Bring in users from around the world for online collaboration.

Use it to deliver online learning, aligned with strategy to streamline student’s performance and as well as improve overall quality and efficiency. Deliver rich interactive media for Courses using wizards.

Sessions can be created for the content with assignments and assessments, forum, chat, whiteboard, screen casting, audio and video are all incorporated into interactions to make eLearning process smooth with measurable results. Using reporting tools one can be assessed and analyzed systematically.

Conduct online live teaching of dances, piano, etc.

  • Offer online interactive & collaborative eLearning regardless of the geographic distance of students.
  • Drive improved results by exploring with Rich Interactive Media.
  • Concentrate on teaching not technology for effective training.
  • Increase the completion rate for multipart courses by providing training in plans.
  • Make training more accessible and flexible.
  • Use data driven analysis to identify and support students who need to succeed and how to adjust instruction to better address students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create, deliver, conduct, manage and evaluate students successfully.
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