Virtual Classroom

With faculty-led in-classroom learning proving to be time-and cost-prohibitive, CyberNetics Enterprise eLearning Suite can rapidly roll out Learning On-Demand, which can be used to manage all course offerings from faculty-led training to e-learning. The Learning Management System helps schedule and track everything from new product and sales training to leadership development and compliance.

Unlike other eLearning providers, CyberNetics’ virtual classroom solution replicates the interaction of a physical classroom. It provides many features that mimic live classrooms, through real-time collaboration, feedback, online breakout rooms and evaluations. In class or eMeetings, participants can take notes using the built-in whiteboard or use an electronic pointer as they present PowerPoint slides or share their Desktops. When the meeting is over, the participants can express their appreciation by clicking the applause button. This function gives CyberNetics’ solution a live warm feeling.

CyberNetics eLearning Suite can rapidly roll out eLearning content On-Demand and be an effective tool for extending education to more learners, meeting the time pressures impacting learners and faculty today. Improve interaction and collaboration among learners and faculty and enhancing the quality of learning.

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