OnLine Exam

Many organizations are looking for online digitally delivered training to save travel costs and instructional time, eLearning in both synchronous and asynchronous formats is increasingly supplementing or even replacing face-to-face classrooms.

CyberNetics OnLine Exam Suite empowers educational institutions, organizations, business, companies, organizations, financial institutions, factories, hospitals to create, manage and track exams to employees and students. It provides the tools essential to increase productivity and performance of the students.

CyberNetics eLearning solutions that work

CyberNetics’ solution helps jump-start long-term reform goals.

  • Drive improved results by exploring with Rich Interactive Exams.
  • Foster continuous improvement that takes learners from beginner to advanced.
  • Make exams more accessible and flexible to fit busy schedules.
  • Increase the completion rate for multipart exams by providing tests in plans
  • Reduced administration time and costs associated.

CyberNetics Solution for OnLine Exam

Cybernetics OnLine Exam Suite can be used as a solution that facilitates Online Exam in many innovative ways. It enables educational institutions, organizations, business, companies, organizations, financial institutions, factories, hospitals, especially which are diversified geographically to enroll in a variety of exams and enhance their knowledge and optionally participate in discussions, sharing information, and “raise their hands” in real time using Web-based tools without travelling anywhere.

  • Enables users to align, develop, manage, and reward their people within formal and informal process in a unified measurable solution with rich interactive media.
  • Deliver online tests, aligned with strategy to streamline operations as well as improve overall quality and efficiency.
  • Measure users’ strength and bring them up to standards by tracking and analyzing their activity.
  • Deliver Rich Interactive Tests using wizards and also incorporate forum, chat, whiteboard, audio and video into the session before and after the tests to enhance the performance of the user with measurable results.
  • Using reporting tools one can be assessed and analyzed.
  • Enable pay-for-performance based on goals closely aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Simplify annual performance reviews, and support more frequent checks and reviews.
  • Quickly and efficiently ensure that its employees are in compliance with regulations, in order to reduce risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with managing across a decentralized, geographically disperse area, and eliminate inconsistent processes and procedures within individual branches and units.
  • Optionally integrate along with CyberNetics eLearning Enterprise Suite.

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